Essential Aquarium Equipment for Guppy Tank

Equipment needed for a guppy tank is easy to procure and use. Things you need can be bought from the local pet shop or reputable online auction sites. It is your choice at all times. However, it is always with your beautiful little friends in mind that you get the right items to make their lives happy ones. Obviously choosing the right aquarium or tank is understood.

Many budding aquarists make the mistake of buying a small tank to “start with”. The tank needs to be big enough to allow the fish plenty of space and big enough to reduce big temperature changes in the water. The bigger the tank of course means more water so temperatures remain consistent. Getting a standard size tank means that when you wish to add lighting to the aquarium for the plants, you will find that there will be a lighting hood to fit the dimensions of the tank.

Attach a standard heater with an automatic thermostat to the back wall of the fish tank. Set the temperature to your required heat, which for guppies and their friends is going to be about75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 C) Absolute precision is not necessary as the water heat does fluctuate and you will see heater light going on and off as it controls the temperature.

The simplest filter for this sort of tank is a hang on filter. These filters hang over the back wall of the aquarium, anywhere that suits you. Aesthetically I have always kept the filter art the back hidden behind some of the plants. These simple filters draw water into the unit via the intake tube or opening, and the water is passed into a holding area where it is then pushed into and through the filter. Replace the filters occasionally, it pays to check that the insert is not clogged or there are fish within the unit when you do your daily check that all is well! Many times, I have rescued unharmed fry from the units! The filters keep the water clean and enhance the growth of suitable bacteria to grow with in the little eco system. There are many filters to choose from and it comes down to personal preference, but be guided by the experts from clubs, or specialist stores. The tank size does have a lot of bearing on the size and type of filter.

Your best lighting unit is a fluorescent light. These are economical in terms of energy use, throw a good light and do not heat up. Depending on the depth of the tank, a small one would be ok with one tube, while deeper water requires more. There are specific fluorescent tubes for aquariums. I always made a point of switching the lights off at night when going to bed, then switching on again in the morning on rising. I did this from the very start, assuming even fish have nights and days!

It is very useful to have a debris vacuum for cleaning the pebbles or stones at the bottom of the tank. Gently wriggle the vacuum through the stones and you will clear a lot of the old food, excrement, from the tank. I say gently because while it may not seem noisy to you, put yourself in the fishes place and the noise will be horribly magnified and upset the little people!

The other must have is the algae magnet or glass scraper because despite the best intentions there will be algae that get on the glass. The amount of algae is affected by where the aquarium is situated as well. A bright sunny corner will cause more algae than one in a darker corner of your home.